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Lu and Adi’s Body Shop: Dents & Details

Lu and Adi’s Body Shop: Dents & Details

Another sign of Jarrell growth is a new, and local, energetic little auto body shop owned by Adisson Mata. Mata has been working on (and crazy about) cars since he was 6, and says his shop can handle “small dents to train wrecks.”

He is also endeavoring to be a well-oiled machine that the community will know and rely on. “We provide the kind of service busy people have lately come to need and appreciate; open seven days a week and we can pick up and drop off a vehicle at the owner’s residence.”

Mata’s goal is to make a bad situation go as smoothly as possible. “If you have an accident, call the police, then your insurance, then our shop. We work with all insurance companies so you don’t have to worry. We walk your claim through the paperwork and keep you informed every step of the way.”

At 24, he has the vitality of a millennial with the work ethic of great generations. “We have all been working on cars our whole lives and we have a great team dynamic. We are well-rounded and we take so much pride in our work, we put a lifetime guarantee on it.”

Not content to only help after an accident, they also have Saul, an honest-to-goodness artist from California who helps customers freshen up their old cars with custom paint and detailing.

Saul says he loves Texas and brought with him a California sense of nature and is meticulous about chemicals and spraying; “We are very conscious of our resources and over-spraying is bad for the car, our garage and the environment.”

The process, Mata says, is pretty simple for the customer. His folks go to the car or bring it into the shop, take photos, provide estimates and send out to the insurance company. “We are happy to bring a new take to everything we do, make it convenient for the customer and make sure they don’t have to deal with insurance themselves.”

He is also happy to report when a client calls in, he answers the phone himself. “The company number is my cell phone. We want people to fall in love with a new process to getting their car fixed.”

Mata says they chose Jarrell because the business environment is growing and well-nurtured by the community.  He also believes one of the pluses of working and serving with millennials means they are used to being transparent and on the same page with their customers; “The customer becomes part of the team.”

Call Lu & Adi at 979-533-7975 for custom paint and detailing, body work, glass replacement (windshields), and paintless dent repair (hail damage).

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