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“Support Jarrell” COVID Relief Program Available Now

“Support Jarrell” COVID Relief Program Available Now

The Jarrell Chamber of Commerce is taking steps to take care of its own with the “Support Jarrell” COVID Relief Program. Having studied the programs and funds available to small businesses in Williamson County, the Chamber developed and is sponsoring a targeted, local program to help secure small businesses during the shutdown and subsequent market drop. Chamber President Robin Barfield says, “We looked at what was available and put together a grant program—not a loan—based on gaps we found in the current offerings by the County and the SBA.”

Barfield explained that the marketplace in Jarrell is primarily made up of small and home-based businesses, many of which were not eligible for other programs but, none-the-less, contribute to the local economy and livelihoods of its residents. “All of our recipients must be legitimate revenue generators; not just a side hustle, but we recognize the need and the success of individuals and families who operate thriving businesses from their homes.”

“Support Jarrell” is unique in many ways from other programs, particularly its funding. Local residents and businesses are encouraged to donate personally in order to help their neighbors’ businesses remain viable. It provides benefits up to $2,500 for small or home-based businesses; e.g., accountants, care providers, landscapers, etc., and there is no minimum revenue necessary to apply.

Barfield also says that the application process is designed to be tremendously inclusive, but also secure. “We created our application to be submitted in hard copy, in English and Spanish. Forms are available at City Hall, and may also be downloaded from the website for printing. Our goal was to keep sensitive information private, and also make sure that computer savvy or Internet access were not obligatory. Basically, you do not need a computer to apply for our grant. Simply pickup or print, and mail in.”  Applications must be postmarked no later than July 31, 2020.  

If you would like to apply or inquire for more information, please visit JarrellCOC.com or contact Robin Barfield at info@jarrellcoc.com or 512-496-7956. You can also donate to the fund by clicking the “COVID 19 BUSINESS OPERATIONS” link on the home page or by mailing a check to Support Jarrell COVID Relief Program, PO Box 196, Jarrell TX 76537

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